About Us

A New Beginning

Every historical event has been sparked by the quest for change and a desire to create a better place for everyone in the world. Whether it was the need for a new organizational leadership or a search to change the traditional ways of doing things, such was the beginning of the Filipino Basketball Association of North America. The entity was birthe...d to fill the need for a vibrant, transparent and a dynamic basketball tournament for the Filipino youths in North America.

A move to create a new annual Labour Day inter-city basketball tournament was developed in the fall of 2004 by the Toronto group headed by Rudy Villadiego and Eddie Semira, in Montreal, QC in concurrence with the Chicago group under the leadership of Ben Libao. A decision was made in the winter of 2005 in Windsor, ON to formalize the association in a conference of like-minded leaders of basketball associations.

The Filipino Basketball Association (FBA) was founded. The framework of the association was a work of many tedious hours of Ben Libao, Jun Borromeo and Geopo Dacanay to establish and write a constitution that will avoid pitfalls of other groups and to make the By-Laws work with a spirit of reason and wisdom for the Association. The election of the first leadership group of FBA also took place, as Ben Libao was elected the first FBA’s Commissioner, Joel Gomez, the Deputy Commissioner for USA, Eddie Semira, the Deputy Commissioner for Canada. The first Inter-City tournament was hosted by Chicago, with much success. The birth of a new tournament became a reality, complete with members dedicated to the mandate of the FBANA. In the dedication for the first tournament of FBANA, Mr. Ben Libao, emphasized“to the youth of North America, our future, our hope, our own inter-city tournament.”

The 2006 Toronto tournament hosted by the Philcan Athletic group reinforced the commitment and dedication of the whole membership, even as the FBA experienced the growing pains of new association. Washington DC, the 2007 tournament host, instituted the database for all players and put more foundation for the group as new cities became members to solidify the annual Labour Day tournament. As the FBA grew, the tournament host for 2008, Winnipeg, have proven that the association could stand alone with its mandate intact despite some naysayers. From neighboring cities to far flung regions of North America, the FBA Labour Day tournament must now commence for its annual rite and will succeed with the solid commitments from all its members. The Filipino Basketball Association of North America will continue to grow committed to its mandate for the Filipino youth of the Americas. A need fulfilled a vision to nurture.

A new beginning has estalished and we will make our own mark in history.