Tournament Accreditation Rules

Attention all City Directors

Please send Form 1, Form 2 & Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet on or before July 31, 2013 thru e-mail along with documentations & photos in jpg format to:

Ed Semira at 

58 Josephine Rd. Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0M2

Tournament Format

  • All players must register annually using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template that replaces FBA Form 1.
  • Individual passport size picture must be sent via mail in JPG format.
  • PHOTOS are not required for returning players however please indicate the year and division that he/she played.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign FBA Form 2 for minors 18 years old and younger. The designated Director/Coach/Manager must assume responsibility that signatures are legitimate.
  • Team individual registration forms must be submitted in alphabetical order.
  • FBA Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (Form 1) must be submitted on or before the Accreditation day, July 31, 2013 

Team Roster Form – Form 2

  • Names of individual players MUST be listed in alphabetical order.
  • Jersey Numbers for each player must be listed on the form.
  • Indicate year and division played for each returning players (ex: Reyes, Alex- 2005 – Peewee.)
  • The Roster (Form 2) must accompany the team individual registration forms.
  • FINAL LIST of players needs to be on the Roster Form 2 and must be submitted no later than July 31, 2013.
  • During the final accreditation, City Directors are only allowed to adjust players and pay the fee of $100 per player(s) on Form 2 until August 16, 2013.

The City Directors must present to the Accreditation Committee the following requirements listed below during the Accreditation:

  • Team Roster (Form 2)
  • Team Roster Form 2 will be checked with the mandatory PASSPORT and BIRTH CERTIFICATE only.
  • Note: Player(s) will not be accredited without a VALID PASSPORT and BIRTH CERTIFICATE
  • Only the names of eligible players will be listed on the FINAL Score Sheet and will be allowed to play.


  • The Accreditation Committee will have the final say on who is an accredited player.
  • Only the names of the ACCREDITED PLAYERS will be listed on the score sheets.
  • The Committee will make random check, before or during the games. Any discrepancy will be referred to the Rules Committee for immediate action such as “Team & Game forfeiture”.
  • PLAYERS for the SEMI and FINAL games will be checked individually before they are allowed to play.
  • Important Dates:
    • July 31, 2013 – Submission of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (Form 1) along with digital picture in JPG format and Form 2 (Waiver)

Penalties for Violation of FBA-NA Accreditation Rules

  • Any individual player found out to be in violation on accreditation rules during games, such game will be automatically stopped and the whole team will be suspended automatically.
  • The coach of the violating team will be suspended and will not be allowed to coach or be a part of any team during current tournament. Automatic suspension for one year will apply.
  • In the event that a team is discovered and violated the rules AFTER any championship games, the next first runner up will be declared champion.
  • The team through their respective City Director MUST PAY half the cost of team registration fee to FBA-NA.

Violation Consists of Submission of the Following Items

  • Fraudulent/Fake documents
  • Wrong photographs not corresponding to registered player.
  • Or other acts deemed by the Accreditation Committee as intentional